About me

I am based in Waltham Abbey in Essex and have been practising Reiki on people for the last eight years.   I have always been interested in therapies for the benefit of others.     After hearing about Reiki and realising that you can treat anyone with Reiki I decided to learn more. 

After completing my Reiki one, two and Master teacher I then decided to learn Equine Reiki.  I have been around animals since i was small and find it is just as rewarding to treat animals as it is to treat people.




Amanda Louise - Reiki Master



"I have received several Reiki
treatments from Amanda Louise. I was very pleased, it was painless and
very pleasent. After a few sessions I really felt better, happy
at work and with family, I also felt very relaxed. Therefore I would
recommend any body to have a try and would like to thank Amanda for what she
gave me." Mr. J. Kisny


"I felt the energy straight away,
tingling over the area of trouble and longer was spent on the area even
though i had not mentioned this problem. Relaxing, I now feel full of
energy I didnt have that earlier. I have had healing before, but have never
felt this result! Amazing. I feel as though I could walk on Water!" Sam


"I have had many other healings before working as a well known
psychic, but Amanda Louise was the most powerfull I have ever
experienced." Lee Sweeney, Psychic consultant.